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2009 Shanghai International gear and chain industry exhibiti

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2009 Shanghai International gear and chain industry exhibition and seminar
Time: November 25-27, 2009
Venue: Shanghai World Trade Mall (No. 99 Xingyi Road)
As the world's largest producer of gears and chains, China's position and role in the international gear supply chain is becoming increasingly important. This exhibition will display all kinds of gear and chain products as end products, in order to adapt to the development of the situation and meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.
At the same time, China gear and chain industry conference will be held at the same time. A series of discussion activities will be launched around the theme of "forum on new technology products and market of China gear and chain industry", so as to enrich the exhibition content and create a grand atmosphere of the industry. "The core value of the exhibition lies in whether it can meet the demands of exchanges and transactions between exhibitors, purchasers and visitors; this is the concept and pursuit of the organizers. This exhibition provides an ideal platform for exhibitors to achieve the exhibition objectives and obtain expected returns with brand-new mode, huge support background and customized service. Welcome to this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will try our best to do a good job in inviting professional visitors and purchasers, and strive to provide you with valuable service and exhibition effect!
Organizers: gear Association of China Machinery Association, China Department of international gear Association, China chain Standardization Committee, Shanghai Pudong branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade
Supporting units: China Council for the promotion of international trade / China International Chamber of Commerce, China Automobile Industry Association, China Machinery Association, China Railway Association, and China Highway Research Institute
Organizer: Shanghai Jinzhao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Overseas agent: hjj media group
Reception unit: Shanghai Pudong branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade
Exhibition scope:
Gear zone:
1. Agricultural machinery, plastics, automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, engineering machinery gears, aviation, ships, railway locomotives, metallurgical gears, automobile transmissions, automobile synchronizers, special gears, gear reducers, industrial gears, gear pumps, worm reducers, sprockets, stepless transmissions, noncircular gears, gearboxes, gear couplings, gear machine tools, couplings, reducers /Transmission, transformer / reducer, etc.; 2. Gear lubrication material, gear detection instrument, gear cutter, gear hot processing equipment, gear special equipment, transmission system, etc.
Chain zone: 1. Transmission chain, starting chain, conveying chain, special chain, traction chain and chain used for mechanical foundation; 2. Chain wheel, worm gear, chain link, slewing bearing, coupling, chain link, industrial lubricating oil, chain drive parts, etc.; 3. Chain drive processing equipment, heat treatment equipment, special roller machine, assembly machine, testing instrument, chain transmission technology and design.