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New development trend of gear pump field in the world

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As the level of gear pump technology directly affects the improvement of host performance and the realization of product diversification, fluid transmission technology has been paid great attention in foreign countries, and there is a new development trend.
First, in order to reduce the cost of sales and production, concentrate the dominant force to develop products and improve competitiveness, in recent years, the reorganization and merger activities of world fluid power enterprises are very active;
Second, the products are mainly sold by single piece and developed to complete sets of products;
Third, specialized centralized production of hydraulic and pneumatic parts is realized. Major main engine plants mainly focus on development and finished product assembly, and most parts are supplied by specialized factories;
Fourth, in order to meet the needs of sustainable development and protect the environment, gear pump products are developing in the direction of energy saving, material saving, noise reduction, leakage prevention, miniaturization, multi-function and electronization.