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Introduction to the company's technical transformation proje

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Introduction to the company's technical transformation projects in 2020
According to the development needs, Anhui yiben Seiko technology Co., Ltd. formulated the strategic objectives through the two sessions of the company at the beginning of the year. In 2020, the company will carry out the project construction and investment based on the technical application improvement of "oil pump gear and high-precision gear quality improvement and capacity improvement". The project is mainly invested in high-quality, high-precision and high-end testing equipment with high-quality, high-precision and high-end testing equipment. The project is completed with the goal of achieving all the projects at the end of the year. The total investment of the project this year is 45 million yuan, and the project funds are invested by China State Investment and high tech Industry Investment Corporation and Hefei Bolin new materials Co., Ltd. the following main equipment are added to the project:
1. High end testing equipment: Japan Sanfeng roughness and profilometer, Germany Zeiss three coordinates, Germany klinberg gear measuring center, German Mar height meter, imported roundness instrument, Italian shaft automatic optical measuring machine, German metallographic microscope, material analysis spectrometer, etc.
2. Heat treatment equipment: to purchase heat treatment production line of Epson multi-purpose furnace (line 2 + 1 + 1 + 1), double hook powerful shot blasting machine, automatic straightening machine, automatic isothermal normalizing production line and other heat treatment equipment.
3. Gear processing equipment: Five Axis CNC gear shaving machine, six axis CNC dry cutting hobbing machine, imported CNC turning milling compound machine tool, two CNC hobbing and shaving robot unit automatic lines, spiral gear shaper, gear turning machine, etc.
4. Grinding and processing equipment: two groups of CBN CNC end face cylindrical grinder with truss, CNC Internal Grinder, fully automatic CNC chamfering machine, ultra precision finishing and grinding combined machine tool, CNC high-speed worm gear grinding machine, American high-precision automatic grinding machine, Italian Su CNC shaving cutter grinder, hob grinder, etc.
5. New intelligent high and low voltage distribution center, low temperature vacuum distillation environmental protection water processor and other safety and environmental facilities.
The company will be based on the high-pressure oil pump gear, while taking into account the manufacturing of planetary gear, harmonic gear, transmission gear, engineering machinery gear and industrial transmission gear, actively meet the technical needs of domestic and foreign customers, keep pace with the times and take advantage of the situation to truly develop into a first-class specialized, special, refined and new gear manufacturing enterprise.