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For the prevention and control measures of epidemic situatio

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Anhui yiben Seiko technology Co., Ltd
Epidemic prevention and control measures
1、 Arrangement and responsibilities of epidemic prevention personnel
In order to ensure safe production, the company has done a good job in epidemic prevention and control measures in advance. The company has established an epidemic prevention and control leading group, with specific arrangements as follows:
a. Person in charge of prevention and control: Wang Jun, Tel: 13705649878
b. Team leader: Wang Dejun, Tel: 13966285066
c. Deputy group leader of prevention and control: Lu Lin, Tel: 15212804933
d. Coordinator of prevention and control materials: Chen Liguo, Tel: 13470866238
e. Responsible persons of prevention and control groups: Yu zongjun, Cao Jian, Wang Anqing, Wang Mingming, Bi Mingshan, Zhang libing, fan Shiping, Deng Chengxiang.
1. Responsibilities of leading group
a. Combining with the actual situation of the company, formulate the prevention and control work plan, emergency plan and disposal method;
b. Implement and supervise the implementation of various prevention and control measures;
c. To carry out the knowledge propaganda of epidemic prevention and control through various forms, and carry out joint prevention and control of epidemic situation;
d. Do a good job in the prevention and control inspection, disinfection, information registration and other work of the plant and personnel every day;
e. Responsible for the procurement of prevention and control materials and the management of outsourcing and external personnel;
f. Be responsible for arranging and implementing other emergency prevention and control measures and dealing with emergencies;
g. Face recognition or mobile phone nailing software is adopted to prevent cross contact.
2. Responsibilities of each group
(1) Responsibilities of department heads and section leaders
a. Responsible for the implementation of the company's prevention and control work;
b. Responsible for the prevention and control education and safety education for the staff in the workshop section and the Department;
c. Strengthen the prevention and control management of employees to prevent employees from wearing protective masks and gathering;
d. Manage the dining order and forbid employees to eat out or gather for dinner;
e. Arrange fixed personnel to work in other sections or areas and transport materials;
f. Do a good job in environmental cleaning management of departments or workshops;
g. Do a good job in the management of food waste and waste masks and other prevention and control materials.
(2) Duty of guard and duty personnel
a. Every day, the front guard and on duty personnel should wear personal protection to maintain the order. The staff should be required to wear protective masks. When queuing up, people should be separated from the human body by more than 1 meter. The personnel on duty should take temperature measurement and make relevant inquiries one by one, and do a good job of registration. The registration contents include: inspection time, Department (section), name, age, and whether there is any abnormality The mobile phone has contact with the relevant personnel in Hubei or major epidemic areas, temperature, ID number, mobile phone number, etc. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees, or personnel contact in areas with major epidemic situation and Hubei, or with other abnormal symptoms, it is strictly forbidden to enter the company.
b. Strictly implement the access system. During the prevention and control period, it is strictly forbidden for non company staff to enter the company. If it is really necessary to enter, it is required to report to the company for approval and implement the registration procedure before entering.
c. In principle, employees are not allowed to leave the company during work. If it is necessary to leave the company, the supervisor should report to the guard in advance. The guard should make a record of the entrance and exit, take the temperature and register the route when returning to the company. Only when the body temperature is normal can they enter the company.
d. Express delivery personnel are strictly prohibited to enter the company, and all express delivery is managed by the guard.
(3) Staff responsibilities
a. All employees must wear protective masks during work;
b. It is strictly forbidden to shift to other posts during working hours. If more than one person must work at the same time due to the company's needs, a safe distance shall be kept as far as possible;
c. It is forbidden to gather chatting and dining together;
d. Waste masks and other prevention and control materials and lunch boxes shall be placed in the designated place of the company;
e. Do a good job of ventilation in the working area, and do a good job in keeping warm during ventilation;
f. Wash hands before meals and after going to the toilet, and wash hands after contacting public equipment;
g. If the toilet soap, detergent, disinfectant and other deficiencies are found, it shall be reported to the person in charge in a timely manner;
h. If you need to go out after work, please wear protective masks and ventilate your home. Try not to go to crowded places and keep a safe distance from people. Do not shake hands or get together.
(4) Responsibilities of canteen staff
a. Strictly implement the canteen management system of the company;
b. Wear protective masks when going out for purchasing, and wear protective masks during working hours,
c. Attention must be paid to cleanliness and hygiene when dividing meals and delivering meals;
d. Disinfect kitchen utensils and tableware.
(5) Management of food waste and waste masks
a. Each workshop shall set up a special food waste storage point, and all employees must put it in a designated place, which shall be collected and treated by special personnel;
b. Each workshop shall set up collection points for discarded masks. All employees must discard them at designated points. Special personnel shall wear protective equipment to collect and report to government departments for disposal according to regulations.
2、 Arrangement of epidemic prevention materials
All prevention and control materials shall be put into place before February 13, 2020. The specific material list is as follows:
a. 1000 disposable medical masks
b. Hand held thermometer: 1;
c. 4 barrels of disinfectant (20kg per barrel)
d. 2 barrels of alcohol (20kg per barrel)
e. 5 barrels of hand sanitizer (25kg per barrel)
f. 1000 disposable lunch boxes
g. The above protective equipment should be in place before February 13
3、 Investigation of personnel arriving at the factory
After investigation, whether the employees who return to work and return to work have contact with Wuhan people since January 22, 2020, and whether they have fever, cough and physical discomfort during the holiday.
The native employees arrive at the factory one day in advance and measure their body temperature one by one