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Anhui yiben jinggong technology Co., Ltd. hold a annual meet

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On the afternoon of January 21, 2020, all employees of Anhui yiben jinggong technology Co., Ltd.and all foreign VIPs gathered together to hold a grand gathering of 2020 friendship in Wancheng international hotel.
In the grand gathering, Mr. Wang Jun, general manager, delivered a new year's speech, in which Mr. Wang fully affirmed the achievements of the company in 2019 and made further plans for the company's development in the next 3-5 years; secondly, the heads of various departments made work reports in 2019 and work plans in 2020 respectively; then, he carried out outstanding employees in 2019 and work plans in 2020 During the award ceremony of excellent suppliers, a series of lucky draw and personal talent display were also interspersed.
All the staff actively participated in the gathering, and the atmosphere was once high. This gathering was a complete success.