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Good news:anhui yiben Jinggong technology has officially sig

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Yiben Jinggong technology and Hefei Bolin company, which is controlled by China State Investment high-tech (central enterprise)
Signing strategic cooperation agreement
anhui yiben jinggong technolgy has strategic cooperation with Hefei Bolin New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bolin"), a planned listed company controlled by China State Investment hi tech Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SDIC hi tech"). On December 28, 2019, witnessed by the chairman of SDIC hi tech and the leaders of the District Committee and government at all levels, the two sides formally signed a cooperation agreement, which has entered into the substantive implementation stage.
Hefei Bolin company is the first mixed ownership enterprise in Anhui Province invested and held by China National Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd., which has the nature of supporting and promoting the development of local characteristic industries. Its key mechanical friction pair materials are ranked first in China, and they are matched with our core product oil pump gear. The products of Bolin company and our company share the same field in the market. They are the top enterprises in the subdivision field. In the future, we will have a lot of resources sharing and market complementation. With the help of Bolin's strong capital and overseas market resources, our products will get a lot of convenience and harvest in export. After cooperation, we have more technical support, business guidance and team With the help of product upgrading and market expansion, we are more able to introduce world-class production equipment for technical transformation, improve the quality level and process level, enhance the brand influence, and build the technology and quality into the first in China and the first class in the world.
This cooperation with Bolin company is of great significance. It is the first step towards the capital market. It is also a typical operation mode of state-owned holding mixed ownership. It is also an important measure for the state to support the industrial development and technological upgrading of private enterprises and to support the national industry to become bigger and stronger. Our common strategic positioning is to strive for listing on the main board of the capital market in the next three years, so as to realize better, faster and more cutting-edge development space for our industry. In the future, we will achieve more social, economic and environmental benefits.
Based on the strategic planning and listing plan of state investment hi tech for Bolin, considering the platform requirements and listing requirements, the specific cooperation plan is: our company establishes a wholly-owned subsidiary Anhui yiben jinggong Technology Co., Ltd., Lu'an yiben injects all operational assets into Anhui yiben by means of investment and transaction, and the newly established Anhui yiben will undertake all the assets owned by Lu'an yiben Business, Anhui yiben Seiko technology Co., Ltd. will continue to cooperate with units at all levels in accordance with the parent company practice, and will thank the partners with better products.
In the new environment, new platform, new mode and new starting point, we will change our ideas, innovate our thinking, keep pace with the times and strive for progress. Adhering to the "quality-oriented, integrity-based" business philosophy of yiben Seiko, we will do a good job in the mission and responsibility of our strategic cooperation, and do a good job in undertaking and contributing to the society!