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Lu'an yiben Jinggong Gear Co., Ltd. held the 2019 party

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Lu'an yiben Jinggong Gear Co., Ltd. held the 2019 party
On the afternoon of February 1, 2019, all the staff of Lu'an yiben Jinggong Gear Co., Ltd. and other foreign guests gathered together to hold the 2019 friendship gathering in the No. 9 theater of Youran Lanxi.
This grand event is divided into three chapters: the first chapter: looking back on the past and thanking you; the second chapter: pioneering and enterprising; the third chapter: flying the dream and surpassing the infinite.
Chapter one: looking back on the past, I am grateful to you. The first half of the chapter affirmed the company's achievements in the past 2018, and commended a group of outstanding employees (Chen duoqun, Chen Zhong, Wang Delin, Huang Jian, Wang Jie, sun Yongjun, Su Weifang, fan Shiping, Yang kaihong and Wu Baoqing). Wang Jie, the representative of excellent employees, delivered a speech on the stage, and Liu Zhufa, the representative unit of excellent suppliers, delivered a speech on the stage Words.
The second chapter: pioneering and enterprising, carrying forward the past and opening up the future. Wang Dejun, Secretary of the Party branch and deputy general manager of Jinggong Gear Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful speech on the stage. Wang stressed that "enterprises rely on practical work, everyone has to do it. Do not forget the original intention of Seiko and keep the mission in mind." At the meeting, Wang Anqing, marketing director of Seiko gear, and Cao Jian, Minister of technology, respectively delivered new year's speeches.
The third chapter: let the dream fly and surpass the infinite. In this chapter, Mr. Wang Jun, chairman and general manager of Seiko gear, delivered an impassioned speech in the Spring Festival. At the meeting, Mr. Wang emphasized the business concept of our company in 2019: "connecting the new market and practicing the new responsibility".
The event was also interspersed with three interactive programs of award-winning questions and answers. Everyone actively participated in the event. The atmosphere of the scene was once high, and the event was a complete success.