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Backward gear industry standards restrict the development of

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The development process of China from a big gear manufacturing country to a powerful gear manufacturing country is a process of rapid improvement of gear product standards. It is an inevitable trend for enterprises to become the main body of standard formulation.
"To promote the standardization of China's gear industry, we must break the thinking mode under the planned economy and take the road of standardization development of market economy." Wang Shengtang, Secretary General of the gear professional association, appealed in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Industrial daily a few days ago.
He pointed out that under the condition of market economy, it is often those enterprises that take the lead in innovation and lead the development of standards. It is under their promotion that enterprise standards gradually rise to industry standards, national standards and even international standards. "This is the basic feature of gear standardization under the market economy environment, and it is also the inevitable trend of the development of market economy standardization."
Standard mode of planned economy to be changed
Referring to the standards of China's gear industry, Wang Shengtang believes that it can be traced back to the early period of liberation when China comprehensively studied the experience of the Soviet Union. In the 1960s and 1970s, the industry began to implement gear 60 standard by the government.
"In the 1980s, in order to change the backward face of gear industry, China began to refer to ISO standard and implement gear 88 standard. However, due to the reference, there is still a big gap between the design, technology and equipment of gears with international standards. " Wang Shengtang said.
In the 1990s, the market economy has been greatly developed in China, and the state decided to adopt ISO standard. However, due to the endless debate on the issue of equivalence or equivalence, China's gear industry has delayed the best time to implement the iso1995 standard. In name, however, it has not changed its thinking. As a result, the concept of gear manual, textbook, design and equipment is backward. So far, many enterprises still stay in the understanding level of gear 88 standard, which affects gear products to catch up with international water Flat process.
"It has been 30 years since China took the development road of market economy, but the standardization work of gear industry still continues the thinking mode of planned economy." In the interview, Wang Shengtang stressed again and again.
He told reporters that under the planned economic system, standards are implemented by the government, which is the main body of standardization. "As a result of decades of planned economy, China has formed a decreasing pattern in which international standards are higher than national standards, national standards are higher than industry standards, and industry standards are higher than enterprise standards. Enterprises lack the power to improve standards, and the gap between gear products and international products is widening, which eventually leads to repeated introduction of the industry and is difficult to stop. "
"At present, the standard thinking and organizational model of planned economy in China's gear industry must be changed." Wang Shengtang has repeatedly appealed on many occasions.
Under the environment of market economy, standards are updated quickly, products are replaced quickly and technological innovation is fast. The reason is that the driving force of the development of market economy standards is fierce market competition. "Enterprises are the main body of competition, that is, the subject of standards. Market competition promotes technological innovation, and innovation promotes the improvement of standards, thus forming a standard development mode driven by enterprises and markets. " Wang Shengtang came together for reporters.
Innovating standards to promote market development
Under the condition of market economy, enterprise standard is the symbol of enterprise product level. Advanced gear enterprises lead product standards through independent innovation, and then occupy the market with advanced products. Standards have become their weapon to create profits. Therefore, the product standard of independent innovation is the "locomotive" to promote the development of gear market.
"For this reason, in recent years, entrusted by leading enterprises in the industry, the gear association has actively organized backbone enterprises to formulate and revise Industry Association standards, lead the market with standards, standardize the market with market access conditions, curb vicious competition, and support the good and treat the poor. It should be said that the enterprise is the main body of the standard, and the association is the organizer of the standard. " Wang Shengtang, for example, said that the four series of standards for vehicle gear steel procurement, motorcycle gear and industrial general gearbox formulated by the gear association are all aimed at promoting the products to reach the international matching level, curbing the vicious competition of low quality and low price, and promoting the gradual upgrading of gear products with market access conditions as the main content.
According to him, in some developed countries in Europe and the United States, if the standards of the association are well reflected in the market for two or three years, they will be upgraded to national standards, and enterprises will be in a favorable position to participate in international competition with national standards.
"National standards are a weapon to defend the national market as a threshold, while international standards are the product of international trade, dominated by the gear associations of gear powers, and the product of consultations between national gear associations." Wang Shengtang told reporters.
"To sum up, in the market economy, the independent innovation of enterprises is the basis for the birth of advanced standards." He concluded that advanced enterprises use innovative standards to develop, occupy and lead the market, so enterprise standards are higher than Industry Association standards, Industry Association standards are higher than national standards, and advanced national standards are higher than international standards. "The reason why we regard international standards so sacred is that we are far behind foreign countries in terms of concepts and standards due to lack of innovation."
Independent innovation promotes industry development
"Once enterprises stop innovation, they will become" wage earners ". We must use independent innovation to promote China's gear products to reach the international advanced level." Wang Shengtang said that this is the basic view of the gear professional association. Because of this, gear association has been promoting independent innovation of enterprises with great fanfare since 2005. And gear Association