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New development of permanent magnet drive technology abroad2020-11-09 10:05:23
1 Introduction In 1940, Charles and Geoffrey hwward first solved the leakage problem of chemical pump with dangerous medium. The solution was to drive the pump with magnetic force. In the next 30 years, the progress of permanent magnet tran
Fault analysis and troubleshooting of gear oil pump2020-11-09 10:05:15
The gear oil pump is an important part of the oil tank which can raise the low pressure oil in the oil tank to the high pressure oil which can do work through the rolling engagement of a pair of involute gears with the same parameters and s
Three obstacles to gear power2020-11-09 10:05:05
In 2007, Chinas gear market continued to rank the third in the world in terms of total scale and production volume, and China has become a veritable major gear manufacturing country, pan Wenyue, Deputy Secretary General of the gear professi
Backward gear industry standards restrict the development of2020-11-09 10:04:56
The development process of China from a big gear manufacturing country to a powerful gear manufacturing country is a process of rapid improvement of gear product standards. It is an inevitable trend for enterprises to become the main body o
Gear pump and generator will usher in new market opportuniti2020-11-09 10:04:47
With the advent of summer and the aggravation of the contradiction between supply and demand of kerosene, the power supply in all parts of the country is tense again, which leads to the hot sales of gear pumps and generators in the second p